Never afraid to speak her mind even when it is in direct conflict of the political party she is a member of, Tulsi Gabbard recently released a video which called for the reform of the DNC.

It was a great message to hear. And not surprising that it was Tulsi who had the balls to speak out about her own party’s corruption. She resigned from as vice-chair of the DNC in 2016 to endorse Bernie Sanders, she’s one of the few people within the DNC who speaks with her heart.

In the video, Gabbard, who now takes zero dollars from PACs or lobbyists, calls for an end to super delegates. She states the need for same day registration in Primaries, and tells us that we need an open, inclusive and transparent Democratic party that best represents and serves the people.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it below. It’s awesome.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Hearing such a strong voice from within the DNC coming out in opposition to the corrupt direction the party has taken is refreshing.

Tulsi is absolutely correct in everything she says in that video and every change she is calling for.

However, there’s a major problem with what she is asking….

None of it will happen.

The DNC is incapable of change

In fact, not only is the DNC incapable of change, since losing the 2016 election to a realty TV moron, they’ve become worse.

In February 2017, after losing to Donald Trump just months before, they rolled back restrictions introduced by presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008 that banned donations from federal lobbyists and political action committees.

Rather than listen to the voters who are disillusioned with the amount of bribery and corruption in politics and make moves to eradicate it, the DNC actually voted to take more legal bribes from corporations instead.

And as Tulsi points out in the above video, DNC chair Tom Perez has recently ejected any Bernie Sanders or Keith Ellison supporters from the DNC rules committee.

When it comes to “fair and open” primaries, recent events show that the DNC do not care for them at all. Not one bit.

They showed last year how little they cared about free and fair elections when they rigged the Primary against Bernie Sanders. For 12 months progressives have been telling everyone that the table was tilted in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

And for 12 months the DNC have denied any wrongdoing. Despite the fact their solicitor all but admitted it in court.

Former interim DNC chair Donna Brazille’s recent revelations have changed all that, though. The DNC can no longer deny that the 2016 Democratic primary was unfair.

Brazille has revealed that Hillary Clinton had the entire committee in her pocket a full year. Her campaign paid 80% of the debt the DNC was in, in exchange for full control over the entire party.

Clinton owned them.

The people in the DNC had to endorse Clinton, otherwise the party would have been in massive financial trouble.

These revelations are huge. If anything would change the DNC’s mind about the direction they’re going in, surely it would be this, wouldn’t it?.

So how does DNC chair Tom Perez respond to Brazille’s Politico article? Does he put his hands up, apologize for any wrongdoings and say they’ll do better from now on?

No. Of course not.

Watch his response when asked about the situation below. It’s a response you’ll no doubt expect from him, more false promises….

If the DNC is incapable of reform, why doesn’t Tulsi just leave?

More and more progressives are starting to ask this question.

Attempting to reform the DNC is admirable. However, it seems like an impossible ask.

At every turn, the DNC will punch left, using tactics that they never use on Republicans. They recently denied the Justice Democrats running in elections access to the Voter Access Network, which is a crucial tool for candidates running in order to gather voter information and statistics.

So why don’t progressives just get together and form a new party? After all, they would easily get the support required.

In a recent poll, over half of Democratic supporters want to see a shift to the left and more progressive policies.

Just think about that – over half. Of DNC supporters.

That’s without independent voters who would support a progressive platform. It’s not including the people who won’t vote for either side in what they believe to be two parties without a difference.

And that’s without considering the people who would join the party who voted Trump. Let’s not forget, 12% of Sanders primary voters ended up voting for the orange idiot – As Clintonites remind them on a regular basis.

All it will take, is for just one person with some sort of name recognition to say, “Let’s do it!”, for it to become a reality.

If Tulsi Gabbard, or Bernie Sanders, or Nina Turner or any well-known progressive politician were to say they are starting a party that looks after the voters interests instead of their donors, dozens of others would jump on board.

Pretty soon, the DNC would be dead in the water. They would lose the vast majority of their voters in an instant.

I have so much respect for Tulsi Gabbard. If I’m honest, I’m practically in love with her. She ticks all the boxes required to garner support from people on both sides of the political spectrum.

I’ve said multiple times that if she were to become the 46th President of the United States, the world might just forgive America for Trump overnight.

The thing is this…

I just hope she realizes soon that the DNC will not reform, ever. I hope she leaves the party for good very soon and starts a new, progressive party that Americans deserve.

Because they certainly don’t deserve their only option to be a corrupt and unelectable Democratic party – and neither does Tulsi.

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