According to analysis performed by The Washington Post, Donald Trump has made 1,318 false or misleading claims in the first 263 days of 2017.

This averages out to a little more than 5 lies per day.

If you imagine he probably sleeps for 6 hours a day, that is an average of one lie to the US public every 3 hours he is awake.

To most of us, this probably isn’t a surprise. We know that Trump has a tendency to tell a ‘Porky Pie’ or two. But what is surprising, is how his supporters believe everything the man says is gospel.

Just this week, when Trump was asked why he hadn’t called the families of the four dead soldiers killed in Niger, he told reporters that Barack Obama never called the families of servicemen killed in action.

When challenged on the lie, Trump just said, “that’s what I was told”.

And that seems to be Trump’s go-to response.His response to being caught in a lie is so often, “I was told that by somebody”.

He never accepts responsibility for anything he says. Remember this doozy of a lie he told a room full of reporters, when one of them pointed out his electoral college win was NOT the biggest in 30 years….?

“I was given that information, I’ve seen that information around…”

Who gave you that information, Donald? Was it Alex Jones? Was it Ann Coulter?

The thing is this…..
If Trump lies to the public 5 times a day, how many times a day does he tell a lie in private?

Before you go:

Polling has huge sway in how politicians think. Barack Obama was against gay marriage, until polling showed the majority of Americans thought different and then he suddenly changed his mind.

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