A deputy in Florida has been arrested for burgling an 85 year old man’s home after he was taken to hospital for injuries sustained during Hurricane Irma in Florida.

Deputy Jason Cooke has been taken into custody on charges of burglary and grand theft with a firearm for allegedly robbing the home of Moe Rosoff.

Mr Rosoff’s sons had called 911 after finding their father unresponsive at his home. Mr Rosoff was taken to hospital but sadly died from his injuries.

90 minutes after Mr Rosoff was taken to hospital by paramedics, Deputy Cooke (who was not involved in the original call) gained entry to the home and allegedly burgled it.

It is thought Deputy Cooke entered the house using the security code for the garage which he had found in a dispatch log.

However, Deputy Cooke was unaware his actions were being recorded on a hidden security camera in the kitchen.

In the video below, you can see Deputy Cooke rifling through all of the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen.

Jewellery and Cash has been reported missing by the family, along with Mr Rosoff’s prescription medication.

The family gave the video to the police department on September 20th, however it took them FIVE WEEKS to arrest Deputy Cooke, despite the video evidence which at one point shows him consume one of the victim’s pills.

Deputy Jason Cooke was finally arrested on October 19th.

Asked why it took so long for the department to arrest him, they said that they wanted to make sure Mr Cooke attended rehab before his arrest.

“We were outraged and disgusted when we viewed this,” the family said in a statement.

The statement added: “We were told that Officer Cooke denied the crime at first, but after he was shown the video, he admitted the crimes. Found in Mr. Cooke’s patrol car was a 2016 prescription bottle containing Vyvanse, a central nervous system stimulant, 47 pills of Tramadol Hydrochloride, a strong pain killer (with 3 different markings), Proclorperazine Maleate an anti-psychotic drug and Carisoprodol (Soma) a muscle relaxant. Not all of these medications we think were taken from our father, leading us to believe that this was not Officer Cooke’s first crime.”

According to police, Deputy Cooke has now confessed to taking drugs from the home.

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